Your health is just as important as your hair

In my first blog I mentioned that back in 2011 my sister Alicia and I had just opened our salon. New business, new life and a new set of goals. It was the start of a massive journey that I don’t know if you can ever fully be prepared for. You kind of understand what a business involves and sometimes I find that business owners don’t actually tell you how it really is. It takes a certain type of person and a certain level of grit to survive in the business world. Most businesses don’t even make it passed the first 18 months, but that’s for another time.

About a year into the business Alicia started to get allergic reactions to the colours and products we were using, as did our clients. We were frustrated, exhausted and knew we needed to make a change and quick. We researched, made phone calls and eventually made the transition 3 weeks after.

This then led us into a whole other journey of becoming a clean air salon, which was never our intention. We got rid of absolutely everything that had chemicals in it and reverted to eco friendly products. We knew this was the answer to moving forwards when we saw instant improvements with not only our own health and how we were feeling but our clients hair too. We then started to look at absolutely every aspect of the business and where we could reduce chemicals. It really made us reassess our lives and where this was also showing up. When we first started in business I would have considered us reasonably healthy. We lived back at home with our parents and we were fed really well. Being from an ethnic family, you tend to be fed meals that are really hearty, meals that are made with love and a lot of carbs! We had always been into fitness. From the age of 5 years old my sisters and I played basketball, we were chucked in at a young age when a family friend had talked mum and dad into getting us 3 girls into sport. Sport showed us a level of commitment and an appreciation for a skill and it was so good to be involved in a community and make the close connections we did at such a young age. I remember at that time I went to ‘All Star 5’ camps and ended up playing for the state team in SA.

I saw an obvious pattern in health, hair and basically everything you do in life. The basic fundamentals were the most important. For example, In order to live a healthy lifestyle I believe everything in moderation, regular exercise or just getting your body moving every day, practicing some kind of mindfulness and getting enough sleep is the biggest thing. These were the basic foundations to health.

So knowing this and seeing the connection between health and hair we ended up creating a new mission “to become the most eco friendly sustainable salon in the world by 2028.” We rejigged our purpose and started to really hone in on it. We wanted to educate, empower and inspire people through what we were trying to achieve so we started planning in our business every 3 months for the journey we were about to embark on.

We wanted to make our mission happen and our purpose obvious so we picked a part every aspect of the business. To what we were cleaning the salon with, to what chemicals we were using, how to reduce paper wastage, what toilet paper we were using and then eventually partnered with sustainable salons and started separating all our waste. Anything you could think of, we started to do. We asked ourselves, what’s one thing in the hairdressing industry that we are doing extremely well and that we can really focus on that aligns with our mission and purpose of our business? That’s when we came up with the slogan ‘your health is just as important as your hair.’ We knew that there were always key components and a foundational base in order to make anything successful but at the time we were frustrated in the pursuit to find how we were going to communicate this on scale.

That’s when we had an epiphany. We wanted to create something people could take home with them so they felt as though we were with them every step of the way. That’s when I created the Insider healthy hair secrets video series giving myself the power to educate people on the importance of looking after their hair and themselves at the same time! I bundled it with tools and videos of all my knowledge over the last 15 years of being in my trade to make it the most convenient and valuable piece to the puzzle that someone would need to be complete.

It all connects back with what I said before about health. We can’t expect to have loads of energy and a healthy lifestyle if we aren’t doing small things every day to contribute to that, or practicing the foundations and fundamentals of what that involves. This is the same with our hair; we can’t expect to have amazing beautiful healthy hair if we aren’t taught the fundamentals or foundations of where that all begins. This video series is something so powerful but also so simple that will get you wondering how you never knew it all before.

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