What drives you?

Some of you may have or may not have seen mine and my sisters live on Instagram tonight where we spoke about our intuition and how it has steered us throughout our journey in business. If you didn’t please let me explain.

From a very young age I have felt this strong desire in me that I was different. Whether or not I am, I don’t know, but I have always felt this feeling inside that I was made to do great things. I have always wanted to impact the world on some level no matter small or larger, I just knew I wanted to and I knew was going to. Through experiences in my life I’ve always intuitively known what to do, sometimes I’ve listened and sometimes I haven’t but it has always gotten me to the destination I was always meant to be on but may have needed to learn something along the way.

Some of you reading this I can guarantee have at some stage of your life have felt the same as me. Passion, drive and the intention to make a difference in whatever form that comes in. Just recently being in Isolation and being currently in the midst of one of the biggest pandemics in the world, I sat there in the first week of the salon being closed and I asked myself, who are you if you aren’t a stylist on the floor? I’d felt this back nearly a year and a half ago when I had dropped my hours back to 3 days a week. On one hand I loved the time to work on the business but at the other time I was lost. I felt like I wasn’t achieving as much as I usually would because I wasn’t working on the floor full time and my clients booked back to back with no time to even think of anything else but doing hair. So I sat there feeling sad and I didn’t know why, I had created all this space for myself to be flexible and work on the business but still felt unaccomplished. I remember trying to say to myself, Meliss you you’ve worked hard for this but It still didn’t hold me back from the fear of not living on purpose.

Eventually what you think about starts to come about and before I knew it a problem had presented itself and I was right back on the floor back to the daily grind once again. This time It was different, I had been sad for so long that I started to get back my energy and positivity because I was living on purpose again. I was helping people and making them feel good while they sat in my chair. I remember a client saying to me “you’ve changed my life, I can’t thank you enough.” You’re probably thinking, changed her life? How? By just doing her hair? Seems cliché but its true, the impact you can have on a woman’s life by just teaching her how to do her hair and making her feel good again is absolutely priceless.

So as I said before while I’ve been in isolation I thought I might have felt the same as I did back then. This time it was different, different experiences had happen and if you have read my other blogs 2019 was one of the biggest growth years of my life. It was probably the second time I had been given a chance to think about who I really am to the core and what I love doing; and that’s helping people.

So as I sit here on my laptop I’m extremely happy and excited that I’ve been able to create something for women to impact their lives on such a large scale that you will never feel the same again. Don’t go home after a beautiful hair cut and style and not know how to do it yourself at home, simply just take your stylist with you. I wanted it to be so accessible, easy and something that someone with no experience could do with no issues. I not only created the series for them to take home and have at their fingertips but I bundled it with the absolute essentials that I’ve seen women day to day need while they have been in my chair. Feeling helpless is a thing of the past and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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