The Business Course that changed our lives

We were 5 years into business and Alicia and myself had completely deleted our Facebook accounts and got rid of any apps that we thought were wasting our time. We’d had enough with the Internet world and wanted to stop getting distracted and caught up in other peoples lives and what other businesses were doing at the time.

A year after that it was 2017 and I remember saying to Alicia “one of us should probably get social media back for the business.” She nodded her head, agreed and responded with “you can do it, not me.” We both laughed and I downloaded the app for another time.

It wasn’t long after downloading the app that I was scrolling on my feed and had seen a targeted ad (which I had known nothing about at the time and thought it was one big coincidence) for a FREE seminar that Wednesday night. His name was Kerwin Rae and the 2-hour seminar was on social media. I remember typing in my details and signed Alicia and myself up. I then called Alicia and let her know what our plans were for that Wednesday night.

That night came around and we had attended this free seminar with an open mind and ready to listen to a man we knew nothing about. We walked out the doors of the room as the seminar finished, completely blown away with what we had just learnt in the space of 2 hours. We thought to ourselves, what it would be like if we had 4 days with him teaching us? We stopped right at the door and discussed whether or not we were going to sign up to his 4 day seminar in Sydney. We stood there looking at each other thinking ‘shit, this is a lot of money, are we going to regret it?’ Then out of nowhere Kerwin came up to us, took us by surprise and said “hi.” We jumped a little and felt nervous in his presence. He asked us what was holding us back from attending; we were completely transparent and said the cost was an issue. I look back now and $4,000 is nothing in the scheme of what we ended up learning in the four days we were there. He then continued on saying ‘what does your gut tell you?’ We responded with ‘to do it,’and before we knew it we were signing up!

We attended his 4-day seminar about 2 months later. At the time we had NO IDEA how we were going to take 4 days out of the business, we didn’t want to upset clients and we were afraid of what they were going to say when we had to move their appointments, but as we always do, we made it happen. We were off!! Off to Sydney to embark on a 4-day seminar that we didn’t know would change our lives forever.

It was day 1 in Sydney at the Kerwin Rae event and we were pumped. We were excited about what we were going to learn and had no idea about the massive days we were in for. As we sat there day 1, Kerwin continued to talk about how he had a group called the K2’s. As he spoke about this group and I watched him on stage, I knew, in my gut that I needed to be in that group. I felt it in my gut, it was the strongest feeling and the most certain I had been I a long time. Alicia and I looked at each other and said, ‘we are going to be in that group.’ We got our books out and in the back wrote ‘Thank you for accepting us into K2, we are so excited to be a part of the community.’

We walked home that night after a massive day of learning and as we were walking and talking, Alicia yells STOP! I looked at her and said ‘what?’ I remember she said to me ‘lets promise right here, right now, that no matter what the price is for that group we make it happen. This is what we need I feel it.’ I didn’t take much convincing as I felt the exact same way and we made one of the biggest promises to each other in our entire existence of business.

After being interview by a lady called Marie and our final call with Kerwin to see if we were the right fit, we were in! We became a part of one of the biggest communities that changed the direction of our lives forever. I remember it was the first year of joining the group, I was lost, I had no self worth and I felt like I was living in my sisters shadow even still after all this time. I had break through, after breakthrough, and really came into my own in the first year of the K2’s. I still to this day say that if I never found that group I definitely would not be the woman I am today. I found my voice, my importance and accepted myself for who I was and stopped trying to be someone I wasn’t. After this had happened, that’s when our business took a turn for the better.

We started to implement new systems, learn about social media, took our leadership to the next level and became the business women we are today because of it. The support from the community and the connections you make are everything when you are in business. Sometimes you feel alone in business so it’s nice having a community of like-minded individuals to guide you and support you.

We wrote EBook after EBook, created content and learnt how to get our brand message heard so that we could start making an impact. We started to create content based around what we were truly about and before we knew it we started to find our voice in the hairdressing world.

After having the biggest growth year in the existence of our business back in 2019, we ended up exiting the community to get ourselves back on track. We started to collect and correlate all our content combined with everything we had learnt in the group, and created something for women all over the globe.

We are excited to share with the world what we’ve created! Just like we knew the business group would change our lives, we know that this is going to change women's lives giving them the hair they have always wanted. No more searching on YouTube for the best treatment, or how to look after your blonde locks, or searching for every ‘How to’ video under the sun, we’ve done it all for you. We have created a bundle with so much value you will wonder how you never had it before. It will change your life forever and I’m so excited to share it with the world.

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