Perfectly Imperfect

It’s funny how time can pass you by so quickly. I feel like it was just yesterday that I left school, started my career, travelled the world, opened the business and started on my journey of discovering who I was. There have been a lot of clients sit in my chair and talk to me about their lives, their issues, their good times and their experiences. Over the years all these factors have helped me understand people and gain an appreciation for where they are now and how far they’ve come. I think sometimes we tend to forget all of the great things that have happened to us and what we have experienced over time that have bought exactly where we are. Last year more than ever I’ve reflected on my life and my journey to where I’ve come now.

Recently I found my journal where I’d reflected each year on what I’ve achieved. I was amazed at how much I had forgotten and all the great things that had come out of each year. I think it’s important for us all to reflect consistently, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly; this will ensure we don’t become unhappy with where we are in the present. In our lives we constantly look for more. A better career, a better car, a better relationship, when really all we need to do is take a step back and look at our lives closely. Most of the time we have everything we’ve always wanted we are just not looking deep enough.

With all the pressures of social media, we are frequently on the lookout to change who we are. We envy those we befriend on these platforms, at times becoming obsessed with what others are doing and want what they have. We must remind ourselves that nothing is as it seems. Sometimes we ‘want’ other people’s lives, but don’t actually know what their life is like. All we see if surface and what people want you to see.

My point is, your only competition in life should be yourself. Being better than you were yesterday, breaking your own records, cheering yourself on and most of all not needing validation or confirmation from anyone- you are doing well by yourself. We get caught up in the fear of not being good enough and being judged by others for living a life you truly love. We get into relationships and try to be the perfect partner for someone, when in actual fact they will love your imperfections more because you are being your authentic self. Own your life and your decisions, be ok with yourself and who you are. Always be willing to change in order to grow, but don’t change for someone else, change for you.

You are perfectly imperfect in every way.

Melissa Bode

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