Have you ever wanted a chance to stop and reset again?

In January 2020, only nearly 4 months ago, my life was crazy. In September our whole team up and left in the space of a week and my life was in turmoil, so it seemed. I was run off my feet, recruiting a new team, assessing whether or not I was a good leader, implementing new systems and trying just to get by and move on with it. My personal relationship had issues too and I was starting to wonder how after all this time my life has come to this complete mess and I felt like I was losing my mind.

I’d wake up every morning and just get on with it. There was so much to do, so many things to change and I felt like I desperately had to figure out why I had gotten where I had and what I needed to change. I wanted a break more than anything, I wanted an opportunity to stop and jump off the roller coaster and reset. I had days where I stopped and paused but I would then become even more behind in the expectations I placed on myself. Every day I asked myself the same question, where do I see my life in the next 5–10 years? The thing is that I couldn’t completely answer it; I was stumped, blank to see my role to impact on a large scale after hours of planning with Alicia. I reflected on what I was good at and where my greatest strengths lie. I am knowledgeable, I am great and my trade, I love connection and I thrive the most when i’m making a difference. So I wrote them all down and saved it in the back of my mind.

Then it happened, one of the biggest pandemics we are currently going through in the world today. It had bought the globe to a stop! Although this was perceived as horrific with the amount of deaths and what was happening to the economy, I saw it as finally my chance to rest, reset and plan something great. I felt it was like the world had given me the opportunity to work on something that would make an impact not only in the salon but on a larger global scale.

I was motivated and wanted to make sure I used this time of peace to get the ball rolling so I started creating something I’ve always wanted to but have never had the stillness and space to invent. My passion for making a difference took over me and I started writing, creating, videoing and making it come to life. I gathered my knowledge, what I saw lacking in the industry and also in the chair for my clients and I finally had the solution. I was going to create something that all women would need to make them feel like they were stepping out onto the runway every day and not just for those 2 days over a weekend. I had a vision of changing the idea of hair forever. I bundled my ideas, my videos and my tools into something that was only a click of a button away. My insider healthy hair secret bundle is years of experience, mistakes and ah ha moments all packaged neatly into something that you could keep with you for years to come. It will reset your thinking on hair and take you right back to the beginning, back to basics and key foundations to making your hair dreams come true. The ultimate tool to change your hair and your life forever.

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