Have you ever felt misunderstood in the chair?

I was in year 12 in 2005 and my formal was coming up. My sister’s best friend had asked me to be a hair model for one of the new employees at her work to see if she was going to hire her or not. I was excited! I had never actually been to a proper salon before to get my hair done. My cousin was a hairdresser and I had always gone to his house, sat in the hallway in front of a mirror and he would do my hair. He was great; calm, creative and I always admired how he would take so much care and pride in the details of the trade. However when I had gotten the opportunity to go to a salon and get my hair done in the chair, I was excited to experience something new.

I had arrived at the salon, which was in the city, my mum had taken me there at the time. I sat in the chair as she asked me what I wanted done. I remember it being around the time of my formal and I knew I was trying to grow it so that I could do something amazing with it for that night; so I asked for a trim and a few lighter highlights. I sat in the chair anxiously waiting for her to finish and I was excited to see the end result. I loved the vibe, the smell of the products and I loved the feeling of being looked after and pampered. I sat there as she finished my service and I remember looking in the mirror thinking, she has not listened to anything I’ve said. She cut it way too short and I definitely wasn’t in love with myself after the experience. She never spoke to me about how to upkeep my colour, how many weeks I would need in between visits nor recommended me any products to use to keep my hair healthy and in good condition. I was sad and upset that she hadn’t listened to my request. I made my way over to the front desk where my sisters friend greeted me asking me if I liked what she had done. I stood there trying not to cry as my lip quivered and I responded “it’s ok thanks.” I made my way to the car where my mum was waiting for me outside the building. The streets were loud and busy but it kept me distracted from bursting out into tears. I got into the car and my mum asked me what was wrong, I just cried and cried and remember saying to her “if I was a hairdresser I would never do that to someone.” Safe to say this put an indent in my mind that ended up following me through my hairdressing career. Shortly after, I started to apply for hairdressing jobs. I got rejected almost 5 times because I lacked experience in the industry until I came across one lady who ended up giving me the position the day after. That’s when my hairdressing career began.

Through my entire apprenticeship I was a perfectionist, wanting to get every detail right and make people happy as much as I could. I had learnt to take pride in what I did from a young age because I had always seen how much my parents took care in everything they did. My dad had always had his own business and taught us to always do our best and our mum had always ran the show behind the scenes. It was obvious she took pride in everything she did, from keeping the house immaculate to teaching us how to present ourselves with proper manners and respect.

It wasn’t until my sister and I had been in the trade for long enough that we started to see patterns present themselves. People would come to us and say that their hairdresser didn’t listen, their hair was damages, they’ve never been told what to use and the communication with the outcome wasn’t explained. That’s when we had the epiphany that what we knew and had experienced after so many years really had massive value.

We started to take our knowledge at then teach it to not only our team but also our clients. We focused on the importance of health and hair and how they were in direct correlation with each other. We realised that most clients had no idea how to look after their hair, what products to use or how to style because it wasn’t taught from the main source, the stylist. That’s when we had the idea to create something that all women would need no matter what service they were getting behind the chair. All the foundational essentials from products, how to videos, tools needed, video series and so much more all bundled into a tight little package only a click away. After having this there will be no more wondering, guessing or waiting for someone to communicate with you what’s best to do anymore.It will solve all the problems you ever had and your hair will thank you for it.

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