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Back in my first blog you may have remembered me speak about 2019 when I felt like my whole life was on a downward spiral. My sister had left to live in Melbourne, my relationship wasn’t great and nearly my whole team had up and left in the space of a week. Fair to say my mind was all over the place after feeling like I was constantly putting out fires, it was a never-ending roller coaster.

The week our team left I was in damage control. Frantically organising clients appointments, informing them of what was happening all while I wondered how did my life get to this and how did we allow ourselves to get taken in a whole different direction. I was mad, I didn’t care they had left I cared how they did it. It was like your worst nightmare coming true, so we thought. Although this felt like a terrible experience I couldn’t help but think, I know this is all happening for a reason, I don’t know why yet but I know it will be fine. It gave us a chance to reassess our lives, our brand and debrief the whole experience to figure out what we needed to do and wanted to do in order to move forward. We had gotten to the point after some time that we actually felt grateful for what they had taught us because on the other side we knew we would come out not only stronger but wiser and better business women.

We had two salons operating at the time and only three team members including myself and my sister; that didn’t even live in the same state. We made the decision after three years of operating our second salon to close it down. Looking back on the moment, everything had fallen into place just the way it was suppose to. We had been given another chance to really build the life we wanted, strip the business right back and focus on what was important to us. Our second salon closed in October 2019 and we decided to really focus on our first one again. We shifted our focus off our team, as we didn’t have one and brought it back to what it was really all about from the start; to make an impact and help as many people as we could that sat in our chair.

The opportunity we got given to reset and start again felt like a dream come true. No distractions just our passion and drive that we felt like we’d lost. We were motivated on a whole other level and used this time to really build something that we were passionate about and change people’s lives. We wanted to educate, empower and inspire at scale so not only our clients could have great hair but others around the globe could too. We had seen it in years of our hairdressing career where stylists failed to educated their clients in the chair with what was important to maintaining and creating beautiful, healthy looking locks. We had implemented this by educating our team in hope that it transferred onto our clients but it wasn’t enough.

We knew this was the answer to making a ripple in the world so we created a bundle of essentials that every woman would need to feel great about themselves and their hair. From the best shampoo and conditioner, to the essential tools to use to create beautiful locks and series of videos to educate women about the foundations of what makes your hair great. Simple, easy and fun all bundles into one.

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