Bigger isn’t necessarily better

In 2017 my business partner and sister Alicia and I decided to open our second salon. We were 6 years into our business journey, completely booked out back to back, a high performing team of 6 and ready to take on the world. We looked high and low for another premises and wanted to make sure we were opening in a location that matched the brand and what it was all about. We opened in a suburb called Kent Town. We had done loads of research and found that this area, although it wasn’t yet, was up and coming. It was industrial, building was beautiful and it was heritage listed which gave it an old feel.

We were excited! It felt although we were reliving the experience of opening our first salon all over again; From doing the fit out, to hiring more team to finally living our dream of expanding and having multiple salons. The first year was the hardest, we had multiple disagreements with our landlord giving us the wrong information and having to postpone our opening date when we had already hired more team members to operate in the new space. We got by and as we always do we made it work. Our second year we started to grow, our team was performing, we expanded all our systems and procedures and we loved having a big team to collaborate with and come on the journey.

By the time the third year came around we were finally making a profit, for all of you reading this and have a business you would know that it takes years to make a profit and build your business. Most businesses don’t make it past the first 18 months. We were fortunate enough to have one extremely good running business that could support the first few years of trade. As we grew the brand and wanted to implement new things it became more difficult as our once high performing team wasn’t performing as well, if we implemented one thing in one store the same had to be across the two, which meant double the costs.

We started to get more stressed and we had to physically jump back into the businesses to produce more cash flow. Our once fun dream started to become not so fun. We were tired, stressed and exhausted leading to a team that we felt wasn’t on board. We lost our passion for what we were creating and felt like throwing in the towel. Bigger sometimes isn’t always better. It took our focus away from the main thing our brand was about and that was helping people. We spent so many years training our team in hope they would pass on the same passion for this but instead the business took a direction we weren’t completely satisfied with.

When our lives suddenly changed in 2019, which you may have read in my previous blogs, our whole team left, we closed our second salon and we were given the opportunity to start again. This time with the same passion and drive we had 9 years ago when we first opened. We were back to running it the way we wanted with no influence inside the brand. It gave us an opportunity to reflect and build something we were proud of again and could impact people on a larger scale. That’s when we started creating ‘Insider healthy hair secrets.’ Where women can click a button and all their hair needs are there right in front of them. No more worrying if stylists will tell them the correct information or steer them on the right path to great, healthy, shiny hair. I’m extremely passionate about delivering this and am so grateful that I was finally given the space to create this for you. I can’t wait to share what has been in the process of creating because it will change the way you see your hair for life.

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