Have you ever been addicted to something? Back in 2005 I started my career in hair. I had taken a leap of faith and decided to really get my life started. When I first started It was all I thought about, I wanted to be the best and only the best. Safe to say, I got addicted to my trade. I would come home and practice after dinner at the table, timing myself on how quick I could be. I would go in on my days off and spend hours at the salon foiling and bringing in models to practice on. I loved it; I thrived in it and most of all I wanted to learn everything I could.

Ever since I can remember I have always been the type of person that if I made a decision about something, that was it. I would see it, want it, and always end up getting it. My sister would always say to me ‘you’re like a witch, you always get what you want.’ I truly believe that once you put your mind to it, and once you make the decision, the universe will start to provide to you what you need.

I would go to sleep and think about it, I would spend all day obsessing over it, and I would even finish work and do additional hours. Hairdressing is one of the most underrated careers around the globe. The amount of creativity and skill that goes into it is an art. I use to hear all the time ‘you’re just a hairdresser.’ Now in this day and age and with what has happened all over the world, maybe people will appreciate our trade for what it is, essential.

After years of being addicted to my trade, I got to the point that my apprenticeship tested me to a whole other level. It was coming to the end of my apprenticeship and I had stuck it out for 3.5 year. In my first year I told my mum I wanted to quit because I didn’t like where I was but she had said to me ‘you’ve made a commitment and you will stick to it.’ My boss told me at the time that if I ever tried to work anywhere else, she would make sure that it didn’t happen. It was cruel. I was 21 and had no idea about life or about what I would do if I couldn’t get a career in the industry again. It was my life, my forever. So I did what I did best, and that’s run away. I ran half way across the globe to escape. Although I was so passionate, I saw this as the only way to get a fresh start, if I ran away half way across the world, I would be fine.

Once I had made the decision to go, I worked like I had never worked before. I’m talking day and night. I would get home from work and take clients at home in my parent’s laundry that I had set up as a salon and sometimes work until 12am.

I was on a mission and no one was stopping me. I sacrificed going out with my friends to save money and even got to the point where I became that stringent, that my friends would ask me to coffee and I would go but I wouldn’t even buy a coffee. I was saving, I was going to get out and start a new life. What kept me going was the fact that I was sacrificing a few nights out but I knew that what I would get in return would be much greater than anything I had experienced.

I believe to be truly happy with your career there needs to be some level of addiction to it. That drive and passion inside that makes it feel like you aren’t working a day in your life because you just love what you do so much. That’s when I have seen people around me become the most successful. Don’t get me wrong, as you grow older, priorities change and so does a lot of other things, but its still there, maybe just in another form.

Being so involved with the industry for so many years, over time my drive has never been lost, it has been reinvented. My passion to educate, empower and inspire, has been taken a whole different form. I use to think that making an impact was only possible in the chair, but as time has gone by and technologies have changed and improved, so has the idea of how to impact on a global scale.

For a little while I got into the headspace of having a negative connotation with the hair industry. I had seen it being a career where everyone was in completion and it being an extremely bitchy environment. To an extent I still believe this but you could say this about a lot of industries. From ever since I could remember, all Alicia and I wanted to do was change this about the industry and that’s when we created BODE.

What we have planned for women in the industry will change the hair game for years to come. I’m extremely excited to release this into the world and can’t wait for you all to see! Stay tuned….

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