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BODE values

Our Bode values are the foundations that we live by daily. We value the benefits of being part of the Bode community and acknowledge and accept the responsibilities that come with being part of this community. We promise to uphold the integrity and high standards set by you the community and the code of conduct that is our family DNA.

I will not participate in or accept culturally destructive behaviour

I am responsible for the energy I bring into this space

I commit to providing a high level of service

We are solution focused

I am responsible and committed to reviewing my budget on a weekly basis and reporting my weekly tops

I give permission to be called out on any bullshit stories that holding me back from by potential

We practice open, honest and constructive communication

I commit to doing what I say I will do

I celebrate my own and others wins

We have fun

We love contributing to an eco friendly environment and making our clients feel beautiful

I am Bode and we are family

We are committed to implementing zero waste management practices